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Eichler Homes
March 20, 2015

If you own an Eichler home, you know that they were built very simple, however they are very difficult to take care of. Roofing responsibly specializes in Tar and Gravel roofing, the original roof of the Eichler home. Eduardo pena is the owner of Roofing Responsibly and he has been installing new roofs and doing repairs on EIchler homes for over 30 years. FIrst for Responsible roofing and has now started his own company in 2009, Roofing Responsibly.

Some Eichler homes have the water pipes going on top of the roof, this is expected, however if the flashings, or pipe vents are not mopped in with asphalt, there will be problems with leaks. If you have a leak that you or another roofing company cannot find, call us, we tend to solve the more difficult problems with leaks, and we are here to help you. Most companies will tell you that tar and gravel roofs are difficult to work with because they cannot find the leaks, it just means that they are inexperienced in this type of roof.

When water is leaking into the home, the wet spot on your ceiling will not always match that spot on the roof. Since Eichler homes have no attic, the wires are run under the roofing. This causes water to follow that path and leaks seem to be in random locations. Beware, if other companies install new roofs such as a single ply or foam roof on top of the existing one, the fasteners may pierce the wiring to the house.

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